Wednesday, 29 August 2012


I thought I would post these photos of
bottles that I etched scenes on. I
photographed the bottle on the window
sill on my deck so that the sunlight would
make it easier to see the etching. I like to
collect colored bottles and bottles that
have unique shapes. I use a clear shelf liner
to adhere to the bottle and then cut my
scene out with a utility knife. I then make
sure that the exposed areas are clean from
any adhesive. If adhesive is left on the glass
then the etching will be compromised. I use
an old brush to apply the Armour Etch.
I try to make sure that my brush strokes
flow in the same direction throughout the
scene. Armour Etch is very strong smelling.
I suggest using a mask, gloves and safety
glasses in a well ventilated area. After a few
minutes the acid can be rinsed off the glass. Remove the liner, wash
the remaining adhesive off the glass and dry. VOILA!
Your etching is revealed!

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