Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Hide And Seek
I have been excited to start hiding some symbols and figures into my
current work. This week I am finally at a place where I can start to add
some textured mediums that will give my rocks a sandy and chunky appearance.
People will be able to feel the raised rocks in my foreground.

Below is a cropped portion of my photo reference from the Bugaboos.
You will notice that there is a "K" already formed within the
ice and snow of this mountain. As I mentioned before, I intend to hide an 
image of Conrad Kain in this painting and this naturally occurring "K" gave
me the perfect opportunity and place to add the "C" for Conrad's initials.

Photo Reference of Snowpatch Spire

Adding the Initials of Conrad Kain

Camouflaging the initials so they are less conspicuous.

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

The Bugaboos
This autumn I hiked to the Conrad Kain hut in the Bugaboo Provincial Park.
It was a fantastic day with great company. The larch had turned to a golden hue 
and the spires looked magnificent, as always. I photographed the Snowpatch spire 
from the Conrad Kain hut and felt that I needed to paint it.
 Sometimes intuition is the deciding factor on 
subject matter for my art work.
(Conrad Kain was an Austrian mountaineer who came to Canada in 1909 
to work as the Alpine Club of Canada's first official mountain guide.)

 *I have since learned that as a young boy, my Grandfather, Gil Cartwright, 
would chop firewood for Conrad Kain at his home in Wilmer, B.C.

*Conrad Kain's final resting place is in Kimberley, B.C.

And so began my fascination with Conrad Kain.

Since I began this painting, I found myself having dinner with a woman who has
 climbed each of the peaks in the Bugaboos EXCEPT for Snowpatch. 
She explained that she had only made it halfway up the peak before inclement 
weather forced her to propel back to the bottom. 


I have decided to paint the image of Conrad Kain into some of the rocks in 
my painting. I have also found a formation that appears naturally in the snow 
on the spire and looks like a capital 'K'.
 So, I have also decided to hide Conrad Kain's initials in my work as well.

Leslie ascending the stone steps at the Bugaboos.
I so enjoy using my airbrush for clouds and to create mist around mountain peaks.
Stay tuned for further progress. I am curious to see how easy or hard
 it will be for people to find the hidden elements in my finished piece.