Saturday, 26 January 2013

Jonah's Little Lamb
My eight year old son Jonah wanted to draw with me one day last month.
He chose this picture of a lamb to draw. I asked him if Mommy could show him a little
trick that would help him to make sure his picture was proportionate. I drew the square
for him and made some marks. He erased a few times and asked a couple of questions,
but other than that, he worked quite quickly and did a very good job. I drew beside him
 but had no hand in his little picture.


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

"Bearly Hanging On"
I photographed this black bear in my father's backyard
a couple of years ago. Three grown dogs, three adult people
and my camera kept the trespasser high among the branches
until I was satisfied that I had taken all the photos I wanted.
As you can see his head is resting on one of his back paws.
He looks comfy and awkward at the same time! He seemed
 tired of our company so we called the dogs back and let
him vacate the premises unscathed. I have had this photo
 touched up at Cranbrook Photo and printed onto canvas.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

"Climb Every Mountain...."
Does anyone remember that song?
This is a large fungus that I painted on and presented to my father
as a gift. The mountain is significant to my father because he had
climbed it as a young boy with his father and brother.
Mount Dorman can be seen at about the halfway point in the road as it 
parallels White Swan Lake in the White Swan Provincial Park. The
 mountain appears over the far left corner of the lake as you ascend the road.