Thursday, 26 January 2017

Love Can Set You Free
Below is a sketch of my son Darcy. The photo I referenced
was taken in June of 2010, during a school field trip to 
Fort Steele Heritage town. Darcy and his special education
assistant had climbed to the top of this old wooden tower. 
Darcy was looking out over the grounds from the one, small 
opening in the wire. I have always liked this photo because I
thought it represented limits and barriers that my son is looking
through and beyond.
You see, Darcy has autism and is, for the most part, non-verbal. 
He is a very kind and gentle boy who, through no fault of his own, 
experiences many struggles in his life. I wanted to relay a message
in this picture, that even though society may not treat him as an
equal and may be slow to accept his differences, love can be the 
catalyst that opens dialogue, changes perspectives, opens doors, 
and........sometimes, windows.