Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Hide And Seek
I have been excited to start hiding some symbols and figures into my
current work. This week I am finally at a place where I can start to add
some textured mediums that will give my rocks a sandy and chunky appearance.
People will be able to feel the raised rocks in my foreground.

Below is a cropped portion of my photo reference from the Bugaboos.
You will notice that there is a "K" already formed within the
ice and snow of this mountain. As I mentioned before, I intend to hide an 
image of Conrad Kain in this painting and this naturally occurring "K" gave
me the perfect opportunity and place to add the "C" for Conrad's initials.

Photo Reference of Snowpatch Spire

Adding the Initials of Conrad Kain

Camouflaging the initials so they are less conspicuous.

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