Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Popular Poplars!
I have noticed that poplar trees (aspen) have been quite a popular subject for  
artists and collectors over the past year.  I'd thought about trying my hand at a 
painting of the deciduous trees with their foliage in different golden hues but hadn't 
found a particular scene that inspired me until I saw this view (photo reference) while 
out for an afternoon drive with my family. The stark white and black of the poplar's 
bark and branches creates a vivid and striking variance in a composition. 
The acrylic painting below, which I just started this past week, is on a 12" x 24" 
canvas. This past autumn I photographed a beautiful stand of poplar trees in their 
brilliant yellow foliage. The photograph that I am using as a reference is actually the 
result of two photos that I have merged using program on my computer.

Reference Photo

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